Sonia Reid


Et la vie continue…(Life goes on…)

In health, active, engineer, manager, mother of a baby girl and 7 months pregnant, Sonia was in love with her husband and with life! On January 8th, 2003, everything changed. Aboard of the Air Midwest flight 5481 to Greenville, her husband and 18 other passengers would crash on the tarmac of the North Carolina Airport, thirty-seven seconds after takeoff. Instead of returning to his family as planned, her husband would unfortunately find himself inert and burned in the middle of debris and ashes. Even before knowing the circumstances of the accident, Sonia Reid was rushed to the hospital as the labour delivery prematurely began. “It was the worst day of my life, I suffered, for me, for him and for my daughters, I suffered for a long, very long time” she said. Through her intense, true and inspiring story, Sonia Reid tells us about her journey and her quest, interspersed with encounters, words, writings, signs and synchronicities. Beginning with a long legal battle with the airline company, his journey ends with an unexpected opening to a more spiritual way of life. Driven by remarkable courage and strength, the author emphasizes on the fact that writing was for her a way to move on and, especially, to inspire those who go through a similar experience in life. She likes to think that her story can help others restore balance and say “Life is beautiful!” again.


Juste du vrai!
Sonia Reid


Juste du vrai! (Only the real!)

This book introduces us to Ashton Leblond’s ascension towards success but also presents the man, his visions, his values, his methods, his strengths and his weaknesses, his setbacks and his wounds. The result is an interesting reading for both business and entrepreneurship oriented people, as well as for people who want to discover the paradoxical and unique human being behind the success or those interested in the history of this unique fast food chain in Quebec.