Sonia Reid


“I always thought placing colors on a canvas had to be a liberating experience, but I never had imagine it would be so powerful.” It was to please her daughter that Sonia joined a workshop called “White Canvas” in the summer of 2010. Amazed by the experience, she unconsciously reproduced a plane crash on her very first painting, an image that haunted her for a long time since her husband died in a plane crash. Since this first experience, she approaches each new painting as an adventure on a white canvas, searching for colors, textures, sensations and emotions. She has no other rule than following the momentum of her own heart. Her artistic approach is based on a deep listening of her feelings, the rejection of any judgments and the spontaneity of the exercise. His work could be described as abstract and of mixed style; each artwork is truly unique. Allowing the colors to mix, working on texture, adjusting the overall artwork and let the words arise are another way for her to express herself and develop the “Art of sharing”.

In addition to her homestudio, Sonia also has a dedicated working space in the center of Quebec City creative district. The Firm is a unique place where business and art come together and Sonia exhibits her works there permanently since the beginning of her art carrer. Sonia creates regularly for individuals and she’s leading several collective creations at particular events. Her works also travel internationally. She recently participated in Scope NYC, Art Boca Raton, Florida and Art Market San Francisco, California.